I can’t even…

Since the 2016 Election I have had a hard time discussing politics. I haven’t posted since before that time and I’m unlikely to post again before the next election cycle begins. So, to be continued…

In the mean time, please enjoy my favorite meme this week! 🙂



Quote of the week!

I saw this in the comments section of an article. I think it is a pretty good assessment.

Republican’s feelings towards Donald Trump can be summed up in this tale:

When I was in college we had friend who had an extremely attractive mom. Of course, being a bunch of male college age pigs we subjected our friend to comments about what we’d like to do with his mother in bed.

One day she came to visit him and, with pretty much all of us in the room, he casually told her about how we were always commenting how we’d like to have sex with her.

Needless to say we were all horrified and left with our mouths agape as we clumsily tried to deny such things in a way that clearly showed we were lying.

We were pretty pissed at out buddy afterwards (fortunately the mom had a sense of humor about it) but why were we upset? It wasn’t because he has said anything that was untrue. It was because he had violated the unwritten rule that said you’re not supposed to SHARE these things with others……..especially the person that it’s directed at.

When Republicans get all upset and embarrassed at Trump when he talks about his views on women, minorities, immigration, etc. It’s not because they’re upset that he’s saying things that are untrue, but he’s violating the unwritten rule within the Republican Party that you’re never supposed to share these things openly.

They have no problem BEING a bunch of heartless hate filled bigots and racists………They just don’t want their own to ever tell the outside world “Yep, that’s who we are” because then they’re put in a position where they have to run around in a panic sputtering “No….that’s not true, real conservatives aren’t like that……we believe in liberty and justice for all. God bless America” and it derails their agenda they’ve been carrying out for decades to pretty much put the screws to all these various groups.