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Quote of the week!

I saw this in the comments section of an article. I think it is a pretty good assessment.

Republican’s feelings towards Donald Trump can be summed up in this tale:

When I was in college we had friend who had an extremely attractive mom. Of course, being a bunch of male college age pigs we subjected our friend to comments about what we’d like to do with his mother in bed.

One day she came to visit him and, with pretty much all of us in the room, he casually told her about how we were always commenting how we’d like to have sex with her.

Needless to say we were all horrified and left with our mouths agape as we clumsily tried to deny such things in a way that clearly showed we were lying.

We were pretty pissed at out buddy afterwards (fortunately the mom had a sense of humor about it) but why were we upset? It wasn’t because he has said anything that was untrue. It was because he had violated the unwritten rule that said you’re not supposed to SHARE these things with others……..especially the person that it’s directed at.

When Republicans get all upset and embarrassed at Trump when he talks about his views on women, minorities, immigration, etc. It’s not because they’re upset that he’s saying things that are untrue, but he’s violating the unwritten rule within the Republican Party that you’re never supposed to share these things openly.

They have no problem BEING a bunch of heartless hate filled bigots and racists………They just don’t want their own to ever tell the outside world “Yep, that’s who we are” because then they’re put in a position where they have to run around in a panic sputtering “No….that’s not true, real conservatives aren’t like that……we believe in liberty and justice for all. God bless America” and it derails their agenda they’ve been carrying out for decades to pretty much put the screws to all these various groups.


More bullshit from the haters!

The Senate Is Very Unlikely To Confirm A Scalia Replacement This Year …Oh, Jesus Fucking Christ!

Again the Senate Republicans have vowed to block every single nomination our president might make just because they hate him. What the fuck is wrong with these people? They said that at the start of his presidency and they are still saying it at the end.

“The American people‎ should have a voice in the selection of their next Supreme Court Justice. Therefore, this vacancy should not be filled until we have a new President,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said in a statement.

In my opinion, anyone who makes an obstructionist vow against Barack Obama while he is our president should be tried and convicted of treason. Found an article published in Newsweek a few years ago that addresses this…Talking Treason: Is Hatred of Obama Trumping Patriotism?

Some comments I’ve seen online regarding Republican obstructionism:

“We did. When we elected Barack Obama president 40 months ago.” (in reference to the McConnell statement)

“The Majority Leader of the Senate and two serving Senators who are currently running for President of the United States of America, all of whom swore an oath on the Bible to protect and defend the Constitution, have publicly advocated the subversion of said Constitution for purely partisan political posturing. Before searching for his nominee for the Supreme Court, President Obama should oversee the construction the gallows needed to hang these traitors.”

The vacancy should be filled as soon as possible. That’s the job of the President and Congress. If Congress refuses then they’re just playing the role of the Dead Beat Party and obstructing for the sake of obstructing once again. Do your jobs Republican assholes.

“He can recess appoint. He can apply pressure to the vulnerable GOP Senators up for re-election. This is a loser issue for Republicans.

I don’t remember hearing anything even close to this kind of obstructionism when the most stupid president ever was in office before him. And in his case, we probably should have been obstructing some of his craziness.

My favorite quote (this week)…

Nobody has to figure out where I stand on that hate-filled hypocritical bigot In Kentucky, US who has been married/divorced multiple times but believes in the born-again thumper bullshit about how marriage should only be between women and men. I am so glad she is jailed in contempt of court and I hope she loses her job.

So enough about my opinion. 🙂 I was reading comments on an article about her being jailed and read the best…comment…ever!

“Sacrifice for one’s belief must be made by oneself, not by everyone else at one’s insistence.”


We have such a long way to go…

I’m not talking about marriage equality or queer acceptance. I’ve been working on acceptance for the last 40 years, one person at a time. I never hide the fact that I’m a lesbian and I have sneaked worked it into many a conversation over the years. I’ve always been out and people have always been accepting, to my face at least. I have always been the person to call out people who say slurs of any kind. I have a long history of one-on-one activism/education.

This time I’m talking about the non-omnivores, you know, us vegetarians and vegans. I’m not so outspoken about be a vegetarian. I’m not sure why. I’ve been one for over 20 years. It’s not like I hide it, I am always asking if there are any “animal products” in food wherever I go. If someone asks if I’m a vegetarian I always tell them and answer any questions they may have about why I picked this lifestyle. (an aside, this would actually be a lifestyle choice, unlike being a lesbian which is genetic) I am working on becoming vegan…it is a daily struggle for me. I want to be as vegan as possible and I am in so many ways. I’m just not there yet.

My bottom line is that I can’t accept something being killed to feed me when we have so many non-animal options to choose from. I won’t eat my family members or members of their species, or their friends. I’ve had a pet pig, fish, chickens, goats, and horses. No, I’ve never had a cow but there were some that used to live in the same field with my goats. If I would eat them what would be the reason I would use to justify not eating my cats or dogs? People eat them in other countries…

I never insult people when they tell me how much they love “the meat”, but what I find fascinating is that people feel it is OK to making smartass comments about how much they love “the meat” to me. OK, I have worked in places with co-workers who are not exactly worldly, but still they know they are being assholes when they comment. These are people who would never make any unacceptable-in-polite-company derogatory comment or joke to my face. Even something like making a point of telling me how tasty their ham sandwich is after they find out I’m a vegetarian is not necessary. I’m sure it is delightful… know what meat tastes like but I choose to not eat it.

I’ve heard it all…I don’t care that you love and eat “the meat”. It’s your karma. My lifestyle choice is that killing a live animal for my consumption is not an option. Your lifestyle choice is different…although some of the people who have insulted me think a little blob of cells in a human uterus is worth killing people over and I say it’s a little blob of cells that are not alive so mind your own fucking business. These same people who eat meat and kill animals for fun hunt, will also fight to keep a brain-dead person alive for years because “every life is sacred”. Let’s just change that to they seem to believe that “every human life is sacred”…in fact these people care a lot about human life…before birth and right at the end. It’s the decades in-between where they could give a shit. I have to stop right here because that is a whole other rant for another time.

To summarize the above rant…meat eaters, get over yourselves. I don’t make fun of your diet so don’t make fun of mine. Some of my best friends are omnivores…